2022-09-17 02:26:46 By : Mr. Jianming Zhu

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the biggest culinary news to hit Boise in a long time! 

On September 12, the City of Boise’s Planning and Zoning Commission gave the thumbs up to In-N-Out Burger’s conditional use permit to turn the site former Pier 1 by Boise Towne Square Mall into what could be the chain’s first restaurant in Idaho. 

Public records indicate that it will be smaller than the Pier 1 location and measure 3,885 square feet with room for 74 guests inside and 20 additional guests at patio seating outside. The double-lane style drive-thru queue can hold about 33 cars. Documents from May show that the In-N-Out already has a plan for when the drive-thru starts to get backed up. Thanks to on-site cameras, employees can see when the cars get backed up past the menu board. When that happens, they’ll go outside and start taking orders through tablets to help speed things along. 

In Meridian, the planned site at the Village at Meridian has gone through a series of reviews and seems to be moving along. Neither location has an estimated completion date, but at least In-N-Out fans have something to look forward to! 

If visiting one of these Treasure Valley In-N-Out locations upon their completion will be your first time trying the chain, it can be a confusing experience. Our first experience was at the location near Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. After all the hype, we were a bit surprised with how simple the menu was…just four food items? Ok. So we settled for a cheeseburger and fries. 

Flashforward 10 minutes and you can imagine the confusion this author felt when her husband brought over a tray with her cheeseburger and plain fries next to some incredibly large burger dripping with sauce and fries covered in toppings. What did he know that she didn’t? 

Apparently, there’s a secret menu that veteran guests at In-N-Out know very, very well. Want to get to know it so you can try something a little fancier when they FINALLY open in Boise? Here you go!