Earth Day 2022 - How Small Businesses Are Investing In Our Planet

2022-04-24 07:22:05 By : Ms. Susan Cai

Earth Day on 22nd April 2022 is an opportunity to spotlight the growing ecological crisis. Small ... [+] and independent businesses and brands are focusing the spotlight firmly on ways to do better.

Earth Day is on Friday 22nd April and the campaign is calling on everyone; governments, businesses and citizens to ‘Invest In Our Planet’. Across the globe people will take part in protests, marches and big clean-ups to highlight the importance of being green and taking care of the planet.

Yet of course shopping behaviours rank high in the public's contribution to a more sustainable planet. All eyes will be on retail, as their sustainability messaging has become year-round and the climate emergency accelerates - what actions will the industry take this month for Earth Day?

Independent businesses have forged the way in making the retail space more ‘green’ so here are 3 businesses making their planet conscious mark.

New Forest based clothing company Passenger is fast becoming a go to for sustainable threads. An online only retailer – every order placed they promise to plant a tree but it doesn’t stop there – the founders Re-Roam project has come of age and recycled materials are found in their jackets, backpacks, t-shirts, hoods, shorts, sweats, fleece, blankets, caps, change robes.

Their sustainability policy is far reaching – Founder, Richard Sutcliffe says “I’m passionate about where we're heading, giving back, protecting our playgrounds and leaving the smallest footprint. We create products that enable a life of meaningful escapism using sustainable materials and mindful processes”.

Next up is WUKA, the UK’s first reusable period pants. With a growing global awareness of the environmental impact of disposable period products and a desire from many to embrace a more sustainable life, reusable period pants, pads and cups have become more popular than ever. Period pants, in particular, have been in-demand with Boots having recorded a sales increase of 319 per cent when they introduced period underwear in the summer of 2021.

Sustainable period underwear brand WUKA was founded by environmental scientist, Ruby Raut, who grew up in Nepal who has seen first-hand the destructive nature of period poverty and menstrual shaming. As well as partnering with charities such as Surfers Against Sewage, Days for Girls and the Hygiene Bank, WUKA and Ruby are campaigning to end the government’s 20 per cent VAT charge on period underwear.

Grounded People aim to reduce the harmful impact of the fashion industry

Lastly Grounded People, the earth-conscious sustainable shoe brand are officially launching their new collection in April to coincide with Earth Day.

Grounded People’s mission is to reduce the harmful effects of the fashion industry by promoting environmentally clean and ethically sourced products. Every pair is 100% recycled and almost entirely hand made in the world’s only 100% vegan factory. Each shoe is made exclusively from materials in their second life such as recycled yarns and rubber soles which do not require chemical processes or dyeing.

Founder Max Justus – “My mission was to establish a company that could create high quality, ethically sourced sustainable clothing. By purchasing grounded products, you are helping to be part of the solution and helping to save the earth". Another brand with enviable ‘green credentials - Grounded People really are walking the talk.

Whether shopping for bread or books, t-shirts or TVs, sheds or shampoo, or simply buying a cup of coffee, UK consumers are increasingly champions of climate action. Customers want to understand the climate impacts of the products they buy and make purchases that help them live lower carbon lives.

All retailers should be making an exerted effort to communicate clearly their sustainable credentials to their customers whilst increasing them through the heart of their business - the time is now.