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2022-04-24 07:27:01 By : Mr. Kyrie Pang

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Prince Harry, Zac Efron and Jason Statham are among the stars who have worn brands that support efforts to address the climate crisis.

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Clothes that look after the planet have become more popular than ever. A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson and Zac Efron have sustainable clothing lines and have made moves toward low-waste lifestyles, while Los Angeles-based organization Habits of Waste is advocating for the use of plastic-free products and reusables on the big and small screens through its “Lights, Camera, Plastic” campaign.

If you’re looking to give your wardrobe an eco-friendlier upgrade — and you’ve already worn out your existing garments — consider some of the best sustainable men’s brands that are prioritizing recycled materials, carbon-neutral manufacturing processes, fair labor practices and more. Ahead, check out some of the top eco-friendly clothing companies that are seamlessly mixing sustainability with cool in the men’s department.

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Patagonia has been around for almost 50 years now, and it’s gone from a staple for outdoor types to a fashion brand as well, thanks to its environmental advocacy that has appealed to eco-conscious shoppers. (Prince Harry, John Krasinski and Matthew Broderick are just a handful who have worn the label.) The Ventura, California-based company is part of 1% for the Planet; it supports grassroots efforts to find solutions to the climate crisis; and its Worn Wear program encourages shoppers to extend the life of clothing, accessories and gear by recycling or buying used.

The brand offers a wide range of stylish and sustainable pieces that can be worn every day. Our current favorite is the year-round pullover jacket — one of many such cool items from the brand.

Patagonia Houdini Snap-T Pullover Jacket $99 Buy now

Founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown ensures that its products are entirely organic, recycled or regenerated — which is among the reasons why wave riders and everyday wearers (including stars like Zac Efron and Jason Statham) are drawn to the comfy, carefree brand. The company champions fair labor practices, aims to be fully circular by 2030 and shares its full supplier list online.

The blanket shirt and S.E.A. Jeans are among the seven-year-old label’s best-selling pieces, and Outerknown also sells pre-loved clothing, too.

Outerknown Local Straight Fit S.E.A. Jeans $188 Buy now

United by Blue‘s model is pretty simple: for every item you buy, the company will retrieve one pound of plastic from the ocean. That’s led to over four million pounds of waste being removed, but United by Blue has gone more eco-friendly than that. Indeed, it’s been pushing to make its manufacturing process entirely plastic-free for a while now. And last year, it officially did it. Everything to do with the company, from factories to delivery bags, no longer utilizes single-use plastic.

Furthermore, it’s now a Certified B Corporation, an independently assessed stamp of cred for its sustainability. The result is a brand that is among the most eco-friendly while holding onto its fashion appeal. In addition to stocking other earth-minded brands, the online retailer offers its own label of apparel and accessories, such as this summer-ready Camp Shirt that’s responsibly made from a blend of linen and Ecovero fabric made from plant pulp.

United by Blue Camp Shirt $62 Buy now

Canada-based label TenTree’s policy is in the name: for every item you buy, the company will plant 10 trees — so far, they’ve planted over 50 million of them and helped to remove tons of carbon emissions from the atmosphere. It’s a smart initiative, but it’s not their only one. All of the polyester that TenTree uses is recycled, and they also use organic cotton, hemp and eco-friendly Tencel — a wood pulp fiber that can be obtained without slashing down trees. They also partner with nonprofit organizations including One TreePlanted, Eden Projects, Trees for the Future and more to help rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

TenTree TreeBlend Classic T-Shirt $35 Buy now

We’ve likely all bought an Amazon Essentials tee, socks or hoodie at some point. That’s because they’re a good, affordable, and efficient buy. The e-commerce giant’s recently launched Amazon Aware line takes that principle and ensures that the clothes you’re buying are better for the planet. There’s little to distinguish Amazon Aware from an aesthetic perspective, but behind the scenes, things are far different. The line is completely carbon neutral, and all of the products meet the company’s Climate Pledge Friendly standards, which use third-party sustainability certifications such as Higg Index Materials, Bluesign, Cradle to Cradle, Global Recycled Standard, Responsible Wool Standard, Ecologo, ClimatePartner and more as well as the company’s own Compact by Design assessment.

Amazon Aware Men's Fleece Half Zip Sweatshirt $39.90 on Buy now

New York-based label Reuben Oliver manufactures all of its plant-based knitwear responsibly in Peru. The brand is known for its unisex pieces and cable-knit textures, and it uses locally sourced fiber materials from small businesses. On top of all of that, everything is biodegradable, including the packaging. The brand has been worn by musicians including DJ Zedd, Rich the Kidd and Supa Good.

Reuben Oliver Cable-Knit Button Down $175 Buy now

OluKai meets a commendable mark by being both environmentally conscious and high quality. The Hawaiian company uses some leather, and its other materials are either recycled or sourced from government-certified sustainable areas. OluKai has also created a foundation that has partnered with numerous Hawaiian organizations to look after the state’s struggling wildlife, and also ensure that Hawaiian heritage and communities stay intact.

OluKai Tuahine Waterproof Flip Flops $100 Buy now

U.K. designer Christopher Raeburn‘s namesake label is one of a handful of high-fashion brands to champion sustainability. It started with discarded military clothing, before moving on to using materials from other pieces that had been thrown away and then making limited-edition pieces. Most of items that the company creates are unique. And for the few pieces that are mass-produced, all fabrics and fibers are sourced from either reused clothes or they use organic materials.

Raeburn Long Sleeve Tee $76 Buy now

It’s not just shirts and pants that can be sustainable. Boise-based Proof Eyewear (which appeared on Shark Tank) meets a lot of standards in its own right. The company makes its glasses from repurposed wood, biodegradable cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminum and plastic and sustainably-sourced bamboo — all without sacrificing quality and style. The brand also plants five trees for every frame sold through the Eden Reforestation Project.

Proof Eyewear Grove Wood $125 Buy now

Tact & Stone passes tests for sustainable fabrics, recycling and fair-farming processes, and they’re transparent about their supply chain. But it also pledges to upcycle any clothes you’re done with, and if you send them your old stuff, you can get a discount on your next purchase. It leads to what they dub a “circular model” of fashion.

Tact & Stone Upcycled Pocket Tee $55 Buy now

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