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2022-10-22 20:39:55 By : Mr. Andrew Zhen

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The stocking sets the tone for the rest of the holiday. Filling it up with little treats should be easy. But finding affordable gifts they’ll love — and that won’t be relegated to a junk drawer — can be deceptively difficult. This collection of small-but-mighty gifts has something for everyone. Like skincare, items for stress relief, and sustainable products. Any one of these items will kick their gift-getting off on the right foot. Bulk Winter Gloves

No piercing? No problem. This 10-piece ear cuff set could fool anyone. Since they adjust with a bit of tension, finding the perfect fit is easy-breezy. And because they’re lead- and nickel-free, the hypoallergenic set is less likely to irritate — a win for those with sensitive skin. And for more great holiday gifts from Amazon, check out our storefront. ($12.99/10 pack, Amazon)

Each page features a prompt and enough blank space for two people to each craft a short response. Prompts range from the more abstract (“When I first heard your name, I thought you might be…”) to the more concrete (“What made me feel loved today…”). They’re all meant to inspire a moment of reflection and some deeper conversation. Aw. ($11.54, Amazon) 

A candy cane may be seasonally appropriate, but let’s be honest: A 1-pound bag of cereal marshmallows is twice as nice. It’s the gift that keeps on giving — and will indulge their childhood dreams of sweets at every meal. ($11.60, Amazon)

Scarves? For the holidays? Groundbreaking. But the reality is everyone could appreciate an extra. Whether last season’s is ratty or they just want one to throw in their bag or leave at their desk. This plaid, oversized scarf comes in a dozen colorways and is crafted from a super-soft acrylic — and it’ll go with everything. ($12.99, Amazon)

It can help stop the beginnings of a headache in its tracks when applied to the back of the ears and neck. A sniff of the pocket-sized roller, made with therapeutic-grade peppermint oil, can also aid them with easing congestion and quelling nausea. Because of the menthol, the oil can help relax muscles and decrease pain. So they can get back to enjoying their day. Psst…it comes in other scents, like lavender and tea tree, too. ($11.99, Amazon)

It’s the beauty tool your friend never knew they needed. Just run brushes over the ridges on the 4-inch mat to remove caked-on makeup. Each section has a different design with varying textures for different types of brushes. Plus a suction cup backing keeps the mat firmly in place. Helloooo, bristles that’ve been hiding under all that powder. ($5.99, Amazon)

Because everyone appreciates a new pair of socks. This four pack will brighten up their drawer (and their day) — whether they’re a foodie or just love a good taco Tuesday now and then. You can also choose from other themed designs, like veggies, animals, and sports. Sock yeah.  ($14.99/4 pack, Amazon)

We all have that friend who needs to have at least three types of drinks available at all times. (And maybe we are also that friend.) Give them the gift of specific straws for their iced coffee, smoothie, water — whatever. This four pack of washable steel straws can be paired with Klean Kanteen tumblers or their preferred drinking vessel. Plus, they come with four removable and different-colored silicone tips. Goodbye, mushy paper-straw life. ($10.99, Target)

Unhappy skin is no match for these affordable, effective face masks. Part of Sephora’s “Clean” category, they’re made with 95% naturally sourced plant extracts like coconut, lychee, pomegranate, and matcha. There’s relief for every skin concern, whether that’s dryness, blemishes, uneven texture or otherwise. ($5.50, Sephora)

Whether they spin, hike, or swim, these pain-relieving patches from The Good Patch can relieve their minor aches and pains for up to 12 hours. Made with lavender, menthol, and Arnica Montana, they provide long-lasting, actual (you can read our full review of ’em here), relief. ($12/4 pack, The Good Patch)

Who says the handwritten note is dead? This silly notepad is the perfect (if not passive aggressive) way to send someone a message. This 75-page pad has different boxes they can check off depending on what the note is in regard to, including our favorite, thanks “for nothing.” ($7.06, Amazon)

Let’s be real: None of us clean our blending sponges as often as we should. Give them a fresh start with this affordable, angled option from Sephora. Perfect for blending and applying powder product, it comes with a ventilated base that ensures it dries after every use. Beautiful. ($12, Sephora)

Whether from tears over the sentimental gift you got them or just a bit too much eggnog, their tired eyes will thank you for this cult-fave eye patch gift set. (Skimm HQ’rs are also big fans.) The six-piece collection soothes, de-puffs, revives, and hydrates under eyes. ($15, Patchology)

Give their bathroom an instant upgrade with this aromatherapy eucalyptus and lavender flower arrangement. Steam releases its natural oils, providing all the relaxing vibes (and sinus relief). It’ll last over a month, and it’s available in a few different sizes — so it’ll spruce up even the tiniest of showers. And for more great holiday gifts from Etsy, shop here. ($7+, GreeneryBackdrop via Etsy)

There’s nothing sweeter than a little after-dinner ice cream. Except having a personalized spoon to eat it with. These engraved spoons for dad or grandpa will ensure there’s no confusion come dessert time. Too. Cute. ($9.22, EngravingForever via Etsy)

The past two years have cemented hand sanitizer as a purse necessity. But not all are created equal. Touchland’s award-winning sanitizers in scents like frosted mint and velvet peach come in thin, chic packaging that can slip right into your bag. They’re as moisturizing as they are effective in germ-killing. And for the smell-sensitive, it comes in unscented too. ($9, Touchland)

Holiday time can be…hectic. And hey, so can life in general. This soothing stress ball, made with responsive material that always bounces back to its original shape, can be squeezed and pulled to their hearts desire. One review even says it helps keep their kids calm during nighttime car rides. Stress relief for all, coming right up. ($7, Urban Outfitters)

This deck of 30 fun affirmations is chock-full of quirky words of wisdom that’ll make for a perfect way to start the day. Phrases include things like “I hear the drama. I see the drama. I fire up my jet pack and blast away from the drama.” Good morning, indeed. ($11.75, Amazon)

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